Darrel Anderson

Darrel Anderson

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First Name * Darrel
Last Name * Anderson
Username * groboto
Country * USA
City Colorado Springs
Nationality USA
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.braid.com


I was drawing and painting for years before ever touching a computer -- when I did start creating digital images (early 80's), the entire image had less data than color icons have now.

I've done a bit of everything...
Illustration: book (incl. Ray Bradbury & Stephen King), magazines (incl. WIRED), web (incl. SciFi Channel).
Animation: for the Hayden Planetariun, even a stop in Hollywood (Johnny Mnemonic).
Graphics Software Development: most recently 'GroBoto'.
...and countless other things over a 30 year period.... that's right I'm old.

Just started producing some Concept art for the Content site 3DOcean... a curious notion to offer work in this form. Interested to see what happens.

[URL= http://3docean.net/item/scuttlebug/115347] ScuttleBug Concept [/URL]
[URL= http://3docean.net/item/soliscooter/115343] SoliScooter Concept [/URL]
[URL= http://3docean.net/item/pyrobot/115345] PyroBot Concept [/URL]

Also getting back into digital paint after years of pursing 3D CG stuff, while still (always) pursuing the GroBoto software project.
[URL= http://www.groboto.com] GroBoto Site [/URL]

I prefer to 'see with the medium' -- finding the image by pushing paint or pixels -- seeing what emerges. That's why have a love/hate thing with 3D. On one hand it's magic -- on the other it's all too tight & clean, everything is overstated, over-delineated... 'rendered' is certainly the right word -- little room for the viewers imagination to play a role.


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